About us

Welcome to MedVigil

MedVigil Clinical Research was founded in 2012. We are a leading global CRO providing medical information and pharmacovigilance services to biopharmaceutical, generic pharmaceutical, consumer product, medical device, contract research and healthcare companies. We strive to promote drug safety by collecting, synthesizing and analyzing data from clinical trials and post marketed products. Our scientific expertise delivers accurate, consistent and current evidence based medical information to fulfill our client’s requests.

We have the ability to focus on your regulatory needs so that you can concentrate on other areas. We also have the potential to scale depending on our client’s requirements. Our corporate headquarters are located in Mumbai, India. Our main goal is to help patients worldwide by improving the quality of healthcare.

With a portfolio of services ranging from pre-clinical and clinical to post marketing we can promote patient safety together.


To successfully partner with healthcare organizations in to provide high quality scientific expertise and use our knowledge to increase productivity and promote patient worldwide.


At Medvigil we have always believed in core values that are principles in dictating our culture and character.


Commitment to excellence

We continuously strive for excellence and quality results at MedVigil. There is no room for mediocrity.


Commitment to continuous education

Our team is constantly learning in to stay abreast with the fast paced healthcare environment. We committed to learning from experiences. Our leaders maintain a aptitude for teaching and mentoring.


Commitment to relationships

We are 100% dedicated to our client’s We value long term relationships. Our client’s growth is our growth.


Commitment to communication

We believe that effective communication leads to better outcomes and faster delivery. Our team is in contact with our clients no matter where they are located globally.


Commitment to teamwork

Teamwork is a crucial part of our business. Each member on our team provides individual skills to promote efficiency and quality. Each and everyone at MedVigil is responsible for the team’s growth and they work together to achieve it.


Commitment to integrity

Our employees are honest and trustworthy individuals. Everyone accepts responsibility for their work and they are authentic and straightforward while doing so.